03/28/2014 09:50 EDT | Updated 03/28/2014 10:59 EDT

Baby And Corgi Pictures Are Going To Make Your Day Better

Chris Lowe

In case you've been wondering what the cutest possible combination of things in the world might be, we would like to enter this into consideration: a Corgi and a baby who are best friends.

You might remember this pair from last year, when they were introduced and demonstrated their immediate kinship. Now, baby Claire (whose dad, Chris Lowe, posts these pictures on Imgur because he is a kind, kind man) and Corgi Wilbur have moved on to deeper things. Specifically, therapy.

In the new set of images put up by Lowe entitled "The Psychiatrist," Claire shows how she's grown in her three months. Parents always like to claim their kids are more mature than they actually are, but in this case, we think there's a real future sense of understanding and empathy in Claire's gaze. And of course, in Wilbur's complete loyalty.

Check out the photos yourself:

Baby And Corgi Buddies