03/28/2014 09:51 EDT | Updated 03/28/2014 12:59 EDT

Cool Rock Star Cars, Yachts, Planes, Trains And Unledded Zeppelins (Photos)

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has literally flown his group around the world as a licensed pilot. But now the singer is branching out by investing in a new plane/blimp called an "Airlander" that is "the biggest aircraft ever produced."

Wired reports the HAV 304 "Airlander" is 300 feet long, 20 per cent longer than a Boeing 747 and 10 per cent longer than the previous largest aircraft (Antonov An-225). The blimp -- which is being considered for commercial use and priced around $100,000,000 each -- is more complex and functional despite resembling the Hindenburg, the infamous blimp which crashed in 1937 in New Jersey, killing 36 people and becoming immortalized on the cover of Led Zeppelin's debut album.

Hybrid Air Vehicles produced the "Airlander" which can reach a maximum speed of 100 miles per hour and whose maiden voyage is slated for 2016. Other features enable the "Airlander" to land on water, sand or dry land without the need of an airstrip and can also land without anybody on the ground to pull it down, unlike most blimps.

Dickinson is putting his money where his mouth is with the project after investing $450,000 towards the plane's creation. "The airship has always been with us, it's just been waiting for the technology to catch up," the singer told BBC. "It's a game changer, in terms of things we can have in the air and things we can do." Dickinson also said the plane is 70 per cent more eco-friendly than a cargo plane. "It seizes my imagination. I want to get in this thing and fly it pole to pole."

Dickinson's Unledded Zeppelin (as they totally should've called it) is undeniably cool, but here are some other amazing rock star-owned vehicles for the road, water and air.

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