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Ika, 'Big Brother Canada' Evicted Contestant, Regrets Not Eliminating These Two Guys

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It was an emotional time on last night's episode of Big Brother Canada with the departure of Ika Wong.

But make no mistake: there were no tears over the Toronto Ont, resident's elimination — just plenty of expletives

While the decision to have Canada (read: viewers) become the HOH was one of the episodes many plot twists, episode four's most defining moment was Ika's decision to take $5,000 over giving hand-written letters from family members to her fellow contestants.

But Ika's short-term bonus quickly became her downfall as little did she know they were all watching as she shredded each letter, one by one.

HuffPost Canada TV caught up with Ika over being eliminated, what the most annoying thing the house was, and who she thinks will take top prize.

HuffPost Canada TV: What are your thoughts on being eliminated?

Ika: Oh. my. gosh. It sucks. It's honestly and absolutely the worst way to go out. There is nothing worse than being backdoored. My plan blew up in my face. There's no way to talk your way out of a backdoor.

Who/what do you think was most responsible for your elimination, and why?

Ika: I think Kenny and Andrew and Sabrina were. When I put Heather up on the block, it wasn't because I wanted her to go. I just wanted Paul to stay because I knew it was good for my game. So when I tried to keep Paul, they caught on that I was trying to get numbers against them.

What was the hardest thing to deal with in the "BBC" house (person, place, thing)?

Ika: Person: Sabrina. Everybody in that house knew who Andrew was, but Sabrina, she was sneaky. I couldn't handle the "are you my friend" game she was playing. I was like shut up! I wanted to tell her off. She's seen as the weak person in the house and I was seen as the tough girl. So if you get into a fight with her you're seen as the mean one. She stirs the pot and then plays the vicitm. I saw who she was but I was already in the girls alliance and I couldn't just leave. It's about numbers in this game. I just cannot stand this individual. I can't "check" her the way I want to check her.

Place: I honestly love every part of the house. Everything was an experience for me. The hardest place was anywhere Sabrina was. ha!

Thing: Not seeing the full picture. I don't care if people are mean to me, it's just about not seeing how things really are.

Any regrets?

Ika: Yes, I regret not putting Andrew and Kenny on that block. They were coming after me anyway. I would have slept better knowing that I got one of them out. They were playing such an intense game. Big Brother Canada is about running the marathon. Kenny and Andrew were Usane Bolt'ing it to the finish line. Canada needs to vote Kenny out. Kenny will weasel his little wilderbeast self in past the finish line if they don't!

Any predictions on what’s going to happen and who’s going to take it all?

Ika: I thought Arlie, but I'm not sure anymore. I knew that he knows more than he says he does about BB, but people in the house may be tuning into that. It really depends on who leaves this week. I hope it's not Kim Fakedashian (Sabrina). Or weiner suit girl (Rachelle). You know what, I would not mind it if Heather won right now. She's playing a game where people on the block next to her are leaving. It's a good game so she just might be able to take it.

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Season 2 of "Big Brother Canada" premieres Wednesday, March 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Slice, with a special presentation of the premiere also airing on Global. "Big Brother Canada" will continue to air three nights a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. "The Big Brother Canada Side Show" -- new this season -- will air Thursdays, following each eviction episode, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In case that isn't enough, "Big Brother After Dark" will air seven days a week from 2 a.m. – 5 a.m. ET/11 p.m. – 2 a.m. PT.

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