03/28/2014 11:59 EDT | Updated 05/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Mexican man in Montreal gets a stay in deportation order

A Mexican man who was supposed to be deported Saturday due to a misunderstanding with a Canada Border Services Agency agent has been granted permission to stay in Canada a little longer.

Miguel Luna was arrested and detained after a Tuesday meeting with an immigration agent held to discuss his imminent departure date.

Luna asked if he could stay in Montreal until May 10 so that he could finish up his work contract at LaSalle College’s cafeteria, pay his Quebec income taxes and buy his plane ticket. The agent denied his request for extension, giving him until late April.

But due to a misunderstanding about the purchase of his plane ticket and his address, the agent detained him and ordered his immediate removal from Canada.

Luna, who is primarily a Spanish speaker, speaks only basic French and no English. He said the first of his two translators during his meeting with CBSA was confused about the details of his case.

Luna’s immigration lawyer Chantal Ianniciello successfully argued that the agent exercised her powers poorly in ordering his deportation.

Luna will no longer be returned to Mexico on Saturday, although his new leave date has not yet been established.

He is returning to Mexico to attend university so that he can apply for immigration to Canada in the future, and provided CBSA with proof of his enrolment. Luna told CBC News it was very important to him to leave his record in spotless condition to improve his chances of returning.

He is required to meet with immigration officials every week until his departure.