03/28/2014 11:52 EDT | Updated 05/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Rob Ford friend fights public release of more surveillance details

More details of the police surveillance on Rob Ford and his friend Alexander (Sandro) Lisi may be released by the Ontario Superior Court today.

Media outlets have been seeking the release of more pages from Information To Obtain (ITO) documents filed by police in order to get search warrants.

Some portions of the documents have already been released and allege links between the mayor, Lisi and people the police have identified as drug dealers.

Lisi has been charged with extortion and drug offences as a result of the police investigation Project Brazen 2.

Portions of one ITO document were released publicly in October, and sections of another ITO were released in March. But the rest of the details in the ITOs remain under a publication ban.

Lawyers for JamshidBahrami, who operates Richview Cleaners, a drycleaning business, and was charged with drug possession in Project Brazen 2, argued in court today that the rest of the information in the ITOs should remain under a publication ban.

His lawyers suggest their client has been defamed, but said he does not have the resources to take on "media empires and Toronto police."

Lisi’s lawyers also made appeals to keep the remainder of the documents from the public. "Lisi is not the focus of investigation,” argues his lawyer. “But he is the only one charged."

Lisi’s lawyer says he is “collateral damage" into an investigation of Rob Ford.

Ford's name appears in the ITOs extensively, but no charges have been laid against him.

None of the information in the ITOs has been proven in court.

Prosecutors also asked the court not to release the remaining ITO information. Crown prosecutors say they want to ensure a fair trial for Lisi and Bahrami. Some of the information in the ITOs could be viewed as "highly incriminating," and should be kept under the ban for now, court was told by the Crown.

The legal arguments continue today.