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Taco Bell To Canada: Take Bieber Back Or No Breakfast For You

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ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 05: Justin Bieber attends Ciroc party at Vanquish Lounge on February 5, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Taco Bell has a message for Canada: Take Justin Bieber back, or no breakfast for you.

During an AMA session on Reddit, one user asked Taco Bell President Brian Niccol when the fast food chain was planning to bring its new breakfast menu to Canada.

“When you take Bieber back,” Niccol quipped.


It quickly became the most upvoted response on the thread. And the most popular response to that came from user Valjalla_Awaits: “Oh s—! I’m used to a different kind of Taco Bell burn.”

Presumably this means Taco Bell doesn’t have any plans to bring breakfast to Canada at the moment.

Niccol was also asked whether Taco Bell had experienced the munchie effect in Colorado — whether sales had increased as a result of marijuana legalization.

He joked that sales rose 420 per cent — a reference to stoners’ “420” meme.

As part of its publicity blitz, Taco Bell launched a unique set of commercials this week featuring apparently real people named Ronald McDonald who like Taco Bell.

McDonald’s responded by tweeting a picture of Mayor McCheese holding a press conference to reaffirm that Ronald McDonald still prefers McDonald’s.

It's not coming to Canada (yet), but here's Taco Bell's new breakfast menu:

Bacon or Sausage A.M. Crunchwrap: All the classic breakfast tastes like fluffy scrambled eggs, real cheddar cheese, your choice of flavorful bacon or a hearty sausage patty, and a golden crispy hash brown wrapped and grilled in a warm flour tortilla, so it’s an all-in-one breakfast good to go. Suggested price: $2.49

Bacon or Sausage Waffle Taco: A warm waffle wrapped around flavorful bacon or a hearty sausage patty and fluffy scrambled eggs, served with a side of sweet syrup. Suggested price: $1.99

Bacon or Sausage Breakfast Burrito: Flavorful bacon or delicious sausage, fluffy scrambled eggs and lots of warm, melted cheddar cheese, all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. Suggested price: $1.69

Bacon or Sausage A.M. Grilled Taco: Fluffy scrambled eggs, melted cheddar cheese and flavorful sausage or bacon folded in a warm tortilla and grilled for portability. Suggested price: $1.00

Steak & Egg Burrito: Fluffy scrambled eggs, lots of warm, melted cheddar cheese and marinated premium thick-cut steak, all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. Suggested price: $2.49

Sausage Flatbread Melt: Warm flatbread filled with a delicious sausage patty and real cheddar cheese, and then grilled to melted perfection. Suggested price: $1.00

Cinnabon Delights: Warm, golden bite-sized pastries filled with Cinnabon frosting and covered with Makara cinnamon sugar. Suggested price for 2: $1.00; 4: $1.49; 12-pack: $4.49

Hash Brown: A golden crispy potato hash brown. Suggested price: $1.00

Orange Juice: Tropicana 100% orange juice. Suggested price: $1.99

Premium Hot Coffee: Premium Rainforest Alliance certified hot coffee made with 100% Arabica beans. Suggested price: $1.49

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