03/28/2014 08:52 EDT | Updated 05/28/2014 05:59 EDT

UBC students asked to remain vigilant, walk in pairs

Students and staff at the University of British Columbia are being reminded to be mindful of their safety, especially after dark.

RCMP are advising people living and visiting the campus not to walk or jog alone, and to contact campus security if they feel unsafe or spot anything suspicious.

Sgt. Drew Grainger says the warning is nothing more than a seasonal reminder.

"We know historically, as the school year winds down, there are many parties and social gatherings which involve, typically alcohol and of course, when we are under the influence of alcohol, our judgment is a little clouded," Grainger said.

Additional security measures were introduced at UBC last year following a string of sexual assaults that remain under investigation by the RCMP's Major Crimes Section.