03/31/2014 01:08 EDT | Updated 03/31/2014 01:59 EDT

Rude Hand Gestures: A Handy Guide To NOT Pissing People Off While Travelling

Jeremy Woodhouse via Getty Images

As a traveller, you can expect to use your hands to greet other people, to eat certain foods or to get a feel for every new surrounding. But did you know your hands can also tell someone that their mother's a strumpet?

Yes, like the wave or the handshake, hands are a powerful tool for communication — so long as you understand the context — while you're abroad. Now, it's universally accepted that sticking up your middle finger means "f**k you" all around the world, but these gestures that once seemed fairly harmless at home could have a whole new world of meanings when travelling.

So brush up on your hand signs with this handy (pun totally intended) from the folks at Just The Flight because you never know when the gestures for "a-ok" suddenly translates to"you're an a** hole".

Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World
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