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WestJet April Fool's Videos: What Past Pranks Can Tell Us About 2014

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April Fool's Day is fast approaching, and that means plenty of shenanigans from airlines.

So, what can we expect for 2014? If past pranks are any indication, consumers are in for a treat, followed by the harsh reality that certain perks may be a little too good to be true.

It's expected that Calgary-based carrier WestJet will continue its pranks after the success of its last two videos.

Last year, the airline treated viewers to the promise of its "Furry Family" program, which gave passengers high hopes of flying next to dogs, cats, or even turtles. The video amassed nearly 800,000 views on YouTube.

In 2012, WestJet also got passengers excited when it joked about introducing "Kargo Kids," a program where kids would ride a "travel toboggan" to a sectioned off area of the plane while adults could fly in peace and quiet. And while that may have just been a prank for WestJet, it didn't stop Malaysia Airlines from introducing child-free flights days later, according to TIME magazine.

But WestJet isn't the only airline to take part in April Fool's. Last year, Virgin Airlines fooled passengers with the promise of a glass-bottom floor on some of its new planes for the London to Glasgow route.

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