04/01/2014 04:18 EDT | Updated 04/01/2014 04:59 EDT

Dx3: Canada Needs More Investment In Digital Advertising

Canada is very well positioned as a world leader in the digital space, says Fred Forster President of PHD Canada, yet still faces some challenges due to the vast geographic size of the country and its relatively small population.

"It's an issue of scale and efficiency to invest here and get a ROI," he said, speaking at the AOL Canada Conversation Studio at Dx3 Canada 2014. "If you look at the Canadian advertising market as an example, compared to the United States, we're a tenth of the population but we spend about 1/19th per capita on advertising in Canada compared to the United States. It gives you an idea of the underinvestment relatively speaking to our neighbours to the south."

Watch the full interview from the Dx3 Conversation Studio above. The interview was conducted during Dx3 Canada 2014, Canada's largest conference and trade show focused on digital marketing, advertising and retailing held March 5-6th in Toronto.