04/01/2014 07:21 EDT | Updated 04/01/2014 07:59 EDT

10 European Hidden Gems Every Traveller Should Add To Their Bucket List


Forget Paris and Rome. A travel website has compiled a list of European destinations that aim to take globetrotters who’ve already been to London -- and bought the t-shirt in Berlin -- on the road less travelled.

Compiled by, the list of hidden European gems for 2014 offers alternative destinations that often come with smaller price tags and crowds.

Instead of Paris, for example, consider taking a detour to Dijon, the mustard capital of the world, the list suggests.

The area is also home to eight of the 10 most expensive wines produced.

Lecce, Italy is also described as the "Florence of the South" for offering a Tuscan experience without the crowds. The town is known for its Baroque-style architecture and is also within striking distance of the Adriatic and Ionian seas for beachside lounging.

Meanwhile, Porto, Portugal was declared the top European destination for 2014 by European Best Destinations earlier this year.

As the continent thaws and high season approaches, here’s a look at some European travel ideas to take you off the beaten path:

The Best Hidden European Gems Of 2014