Aftersex Selfies Make Intimate Moments Public.. Very Public

From the moment the term "selfie" made its way into the dictionary last year, we should have known this was coming.

"After-sex selfies" are exactly what you think they are: post-coital pictures of couples, and they've been making the rounds on social media networks Instagram and Twitter. These images show everything from people lying in bed together smoking to anonymous one-night stands.

It's not too surprising that couples have their phones right by the bedside — after all, more than 80 per cent of people aged 18 to 44 sleep with their phones in their rooms — though it's not clear why they would want to document their sex lives publicly.

Telegraph writer Radhika Sanghani thinks the trend is just another play on the #humblebrag, part of the millennial generation's problem with documenting every moment of their lives and making it appear as though everything is fabulous at all times.

Selfies on their own (i.e. the ones taken in front of your bathroom mirror) don't actually make people like you, either, according to Time. They reported on a U.K. study that concluded that those who post pictures of themselves to their social networks have more shallow relationships than those who, well, don't feel the need to do so.

As for the #aftersex selfie trend, it's quickly taking on a life of its own, with the Internet doing what it does best and making fun of itself. Some of our favourites have included Bert and Ernie cuddled up together, and an important public reminder to all:

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