04/03/2014 08:27 EDT | Updated 04/03/2014 09:59 EDT

Bill Clinton On Jimmy Kimmel Calls Rob Ford A Stereotype Buster

So, Bill Clinton paid a visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night.

And it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to a certain Canadian politician.

"He has absolutely destroyed every stereotype people have about Canadians," the former U.S. president told Kimmel about Toronto's scandal-drenched mayor Rob Ford.

"The Canadians are upbeat, optimistic, can-do, they are embracing, they are inclusive," he continued. "Everything I ever believed about Canadians -- old Rob has proved stereotypes are not good."

Of course, Clinton has proven no slouch in the scandal department -- shattering, perhaps, our own stereotypes of U.S. presidents. His presidency wilted under revelations he had some egregiously improper relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in the mid-1990s. The relations were improper enough to get Clinton impeached and nearly turfed from office.

Toronto's mayor, on the other hand, has so far managed to avoid any sex scandals -- only getting caught on video smoking crack cocaine.

While Clinton certainly appeared to have a mouthful more to say on the mayor, Kimmel shrewdly changed subjects -- and, temporarily silenced his guest by asking, "Do you miss being the first African-American president?"

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