04/03/2014 03:01 EDT | Updated 04/04/2014 04:59 EDT

How To Live In Vancouver For Cheap


Housing in Vancouver? Expensive. Cost of living in Vancouver? Expensive.

Or is it?

A local couple is showing the world that it's possible to live a high-quality life without a huge price tag.

Celestian Rince, 25, and Stephanie Williams, 27, live comfortably in a one-bedroom Gastown co-op apartment for $732/month, vacation twice a year, and spend around $250 per month on groceries.

For those who don't believe them, the couple has been tracking their spending on their blog, Incoming Assets.

Reddit users bombarded them with skeptical questions after Rince posted their detailed monthly grocery breakdown.

For the record, Rince and Williams have full-time jobs that they walk or bike to, so they don't require a vehicle or public transit. They are vegans, and rarely eat at restaurants or drink at bars.

According to their blog, their total spending for 2013 was $26,000 which included a one-week trip to France and a one-week trip to Guatemala.

"Our goal is to be financially independent, meaning earning enough money through passive income to easily cover all expenses, within 15 years or less," says their blog.

Check out the thrifty couple's tips:

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