04/03/2014 01:41 EDT | Updated 04/03/2014 01:59 EDT

Deer Lassoed To Safety In Bearspaw (PHOTOS)

Oh deer!

Some quick-thinking folks in Bearspaw, a community in northwest Calgary, are being applauded for their efforts after saving a deer who fell through ice into a pond.

Patrick Ostermann first spotted the stuck deer while on his way home from hockey practice Monday afternoon, reports Chatham Daily News.

The 16-year-old tried calling RCMP and Wildlife Rescue, but with no one on hand to help immediately he turned to his neighbours.

Vic Cotton was on the receiving end of the call, just as he was about to sit down for dinner Monday evening, he told CBC News.

Cotton, along with several other neighbours, gathered at the water's edge, trying to corral the deer with a ladder, Ostermann told the Calgary Sun.

The deer was then lassoed with two tow ropes, reports the Sun, and hoisted out of the water. A piece of plywood was placed behind the deer so it wouldn't slip back in.

Once the ropes were removed the deer ran off, reports CTV News.

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