04/03/2014 11:56 EDT | Updated 04/03/2014 11:59 EDT

Eve Adams Carwash Video: Gas Station Owner John Newcombe Describes Encounter

A gas station owner has released security footage of Tory MP Eve Adams blocking traffic while angrily demanding a refund for a $6 carwash.

According to owner John Newcombe, the MP established a personal blockade at an Ottawa Esso station late last year that lasted about 15 minutes -- and left customers waiting on a frigid, busy morning. Watch the video above to see a security camera recording of the encounter.

"I was absolutely outraged," Newcombe told The Canadian Press in an interview.

"I couldn't believe it. I had never experienced anything like this in 40 years of business."

Newcombe wrote a letter to Stephen Harper in January to complain about the Tory MP's behaviour. He said pleas to have Adams move her car fell on deaf ears.

"Instead, she became threatening and confrontational, making remarks that included: 'I'm timing how long it takes before I get my refund,'" Newcombe wrote in his letter to Harper.

Adams has since apologized to the owner -- reportedly after he complained to the Prime Minister's Office.

In addition, she later told the Canadian Press, "The entire time I simply said, look, if I could simply go through the wash a second time, or if not, could they kindly refund the unused car washes I had just bought moments ago."

"In any event, I regret what happened and I apologized to Mr. Newcombe many months ago."

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