04/18/2012 05:02 EDT | Updated 04/04/2014 04:59 EDT

25 Mango Recipes You Need To Try

Mangoes season is upon us!

Lucky for us, mangoes -- our favorite tropical fruit -- are readily available all year long. The best ones, however, are in season from April through June (in other words, right about now, so you'd better learn how to cut one!). This is when the most flavorful mangoes arrive in supermarkets from warmer climates, giving us a taste of what life must be like in the tropics.

While there are thousands of mango varieties all over the world, there are only really two you need to know about. Tommy Atkins mangoes (the green-and-purple skinned ones) are the most common in supermarkets; they're slightly fibrous and not too sweet. If you're looking for something a little sweeter, the Ataulfo is what you want; it's the smaller, orange-skinned mango.

Most important are all the things you can make with mangos. Here are 25 mango recipe you need to try:

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