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These Photos Of Mount Roraima's Breathtaking Views Will Leave You Excited

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If you're looking for a nice view after your hike, consider a trip to Mount Roraima.

Having a hard time seeing it? Look closer.


There you go.

This geological beaut sits between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana and functions as a natural border between the South American countries. It's real claim to fame though is its 400-foot tall cliffs that look fairly intimidating from the ground.

You're probably thinking, "you must be a fool to try to hike that!" Well, Sir Everard im Thurn wasn't so much as fool as he was a British colonial explorer who carved a hiking path back in 1884. It's still one of the more popular paths hikers and backpackers take today to reach the 31-square-kilometre summit.

The hike takes about two days starting in Pemón village of Paraitepui, part of Canaima National Park in Venezuela. From there, expect to pay a entrance fee to climb the area if you're without a tour guide and a five hour trek before the first camp site.

Aside from the awe-inspiring views, hikers are rewarded with a unique ecosystem once they reach the top, like the meat-eating pitcher plant and bromelaids. The area's also rich in culture, with locals regarding the mountain as a place in their myths and folklore, according to Atlas Obscura.

And with views like these, we can't blame them.

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