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Project Brazen 2 Documents: Etobicoke Neighbourhood Feared 'Heat' Due To Rob Ford Crack Tape

The media pursues Mayor Rob Ford after a City Council debate in Toronto on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted Wednesday that he bought illegal drugs in the past two years and that he will not step down. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)

Residents of an Etobicoke neighbourhood lived in fear in the days after the existence of a crack tape featuring Mayor Rob Ford was revealed, newly unsealed police documents show.

"We're going to feel the heat everywhere... not just in f---ing Dixon Park, we're going to feel it, people at Weston Rd.'s going to feel it, people on Jane St. gonna feel it, everywhere," Elena Basso was quoted in a police wiretap. Basso lived at the house where the crack tape was filmed, reported the Toronto Star.

Basso also complained that "Rob's people and cops" were constantly coming to her home.

Mohamed Siad, a gang member who has been arrested by police, was also warned to be careful of Ford, "because he knows a few dirty cops and other people," the Toronto Sun reported.

The Sun goes into more detail on how Sandro Lisi, a former assistant to the mayor, allegedly called and threatened Liban Siyad and others who may have been in possession of the crack tape.

"Lisi threatened Siyad that Dixon will get heated up all summer until the phone (video) gets back," the Sun reported.

According to the Toronto Sun, Lisi also threatened an unknown person nicknamed, the Juiceman. "You're f...g dead and everybody on your block is dead," the documents state.

The latest batch of documents come as the police investigation into Ford appears to be faltering.

The Toronto Star reported on Thursday that the OPP and the Toronto Police are squabbling over how to conduct the investigation.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair placed the investigation, known as Project Brazen 2, under OPP oversight to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The Crown also said on Thursday that the mayor won't face any charges unless new evidence comes to light.

Earlier documents released to the media showed the extent of police surveillance on Ford. Documents released in March also revealed the police description of the infamous tape showing Ford smoking crack.

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