04/04/2014 08:51 EDT | Updated 04/04/2014 08:59 EDT

Walk-Up Songs Of The 25 Most Promising Major League Baseball Players

SuperStock via Getty Images

After the winter of our discontent, you can tell it spring because the boys of summer have finally stepped back up to the plate.

So to ease you into being exposed to sunshine and the need to yell at millionaires from the 500 section, we've compiled a list of the walk-up songs that will soundtrack this season's 25 most promising MLB players as they approach said plate. (Sadly, there are no Blue Jays, but the beautiful thing about baseball is that within only a couple of weeks that could totally change. We believe in you, guys.)

Alas, MLB has instituted a new rule that says batters can only play 15 seconds of their chosen song to get themselves into their zone, but we've got the full-length tunes here for your listening (and pretend-batting) pleasure.

Oh, and if we left out any of your favourite players, or your favourite walk up songs by your non-favourite players, let us know in the comments.