04/05/2014 01:28 EDT | Updated 06/05/2014 05:59 EDT

'Friends of Anina' renew efforts to find missing woman

Friends of a woman who went missing on Mar. 20 will spend the weekend hanging posters and billboards in the Nordegg area.

AninaHundsdoerfer, 32, was reported missing two weeks ago by her roommate when she went to work on her day off and never returned home.

The government scientist’s car – a blue Toyota Echo hatchback with license plate HUZ 936 – was found three days after she disappeared in an isolated area along Forest Trunk Road Hwy 734 near Nordegg.

RCMP spent several days searching the area using tracking dogs, vehicles and helicopters, but were forced to suspend search efforts by poor weather.

On Sunday, the group plans to return to the area where Hundsdoerfer’s car was found to hang posters and billboards with the message “Help Us Find Anina.”

The posters ask anyone who saw Hundsdoerfer or her car between Mar. 22 and 25 to call police.

"We want to trigger maybe any memories – anything anybody might have seen, said Hundsdoerfer's roommate Caroline Hendley, who is behind the campaign. 

"They might not know they saw something that was important," she added.

Hendley hopes the homemade signs will make the search effort more visible, bringing the missing woman home.

"Obviously, [as] each day goes by it's more difficult, but you always hope today will be the day," said Hendley.

Search efforts are expected to continue once the snow melts.