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16 Signs You've Visited Quebec Too Many Times

There's a lot of attention around Quebec right now thanks to a provincial election set for Monday, April 7. Over the last few months, talks about a referendum and the possibility of Quebec separating from the country have had some wondering what would happen to Canadian tourism if the province seceded. More importantly, where would locals and visitors go for authentic poutine?

When it comes to Quebec, there's nothing in Canada that can hold a candle to it's culture, cuisine and character. The province has what the French might call a certain je ne sais quoi. Quebec is special, but it's tough to pin down a single reason why and that's part of what keeps tourists coming back.

As with any frequently visited tourist destination, the more you come back, the more likely you'll pick up on certain quirks and quarks. They're the small details that one-time visitors wouldn't notice and the fun facts only veteran tourists can point out, like these 16 signs:

You Scoff At Anyone Who's Surprised Montreal's An Island
Wisdom Has Taught You To Leave These At Home
You won't need them anyway, you're in a province with a winning hockey team.
You Know No Matter How Old Your Bridges Are, They're Still More Structurally-Sound Than The Ones In Montreal
Sure, it looks pretty but Champlain Bridge is falling apart. "Shoddy construction, neglected upkeep and jurisdictional squabble," have created a bridge that's slowly crumbling away according to the Globe and Mail.
The Fact That The Province Has MINIMUM Speed Limits No Longer Shocks You
Yup, no matter what happens, you must drive at least 60 km/h.
You Can Go From English To French When It Comes To Fast Food Chains
You're Well Aware That A Trip To A Cabane À Sucre Is Like Dying And Going To Maple Heaven.
The Canadian Press
There are a number of sugar shacks across Quebec, like Au Pieds de Cochon sugar shack in St-Benoit-de-Mirabel, Que. Not only do they serve some great maple syrup but unique dishes like a lobster and smoked meat omelet.
You Know There's A Certain Etiquette When Ordering Schwartz's Smoked Meat
If you cut in line, be prepared to deal with some serious cuteye. Doesn't matter if it's a beautiful summer's day or -30 C on Christmas, you always respect the line.
Because Let's Face It, The Food Is Worth It
The Canadian Press
You Know That The Only Logical Thing To Do After Midnight Is Eat Poutine
It'll go well with your second helping of smoked meat.
You've Learned That Montreal Bagels Are Always Worth The Journey
The Canadians Press
Seriously, what kind of person are you if you don't bring back Montreal bagels for your friends back home?
You've Come To Accept That St. Huberts > Swiss Chalet Any Day
And their delivery cars are spiffier too.
You're A Master At Military Time Thanks To Their Street Signs
The Whole "No Right Turns At A Red Light" No Longer Infuriates You
Okay, it still bugs you a little bit if you're driving in Montreal.
You Save Up All Your Old Aluminium Cans For Your Next Visit
Quebec is one of the provinces that allows you deposit your old pop cans for a 5 cent return.
You're Now The Master Of Dealing With Reckless And Aggressive Drivers
Let the insurance companies handle it...
Despite All Of This You'll Keep Coming Back
Remember: This is "La Belle Province", you'll be back no matter how many listicles you read.

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