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Daenerys Targaryen's Style Evolution: 'Game Of Thrones'' Khaleesi Has Stunning Style

Our "Game of Thrones" style evolution continues with Daenerys Targaryen (for our take on Cersei Lannister, click here), arguably one of the strongest and magical characters of the series. (So good, in fact, Madonna was recently compelled to dress up just like her.)

That’s why we’re going to go through some of our favourite Khaleesi looks to celebrate "Game of Thrones" Season 4, and read into them more than is probably healthy. And before you ask, no: the dragons don’t count as an outfit. They do count, however, as currency in a world in which you must kill or be killed.

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Daenerys Targaryen's Style

Season 1

Political Pawn

Daenerys Targaryen begins "Game of Thrones" like most of its female characters: as someone to be married off so that her family maintains power. In this case, she marries Khal Drogo of Dothraki, and until she eventually becomes his equal, is considered to be merely a person destined to stand idly by her decision-making husband, as exemplified by her soft hair and light-toned dress. (Not exactly battle-wear.)

Representing Dothraki

But after Doreah tells Daenerys how to be recognized as Drogo’s equal, Daenerys changes (but for real, in the most literal sense of the word). Submerging herself in the Dothraki world, she adopts the language, their customs, and more importantly their dress, trading in Greek mythology-inspired gowns for what Viserys once described as "rags." (Shut up, Viserys. Also, RIP.) And with this change, her power increases.


And of course when we say "power" we also mean "dragons." We don’t see them until the end of Season 1, but as her story progresses we see Daenerys wear this: a dragon top. Or, more specifically a top that looks like it’s made of dragon scales. The only thing better would be a dragon print graphic t-shirt (or dragons wearing t-shirts at all).

Season 2

Dragon Mother Supreme

Now, after the death of Drogo and her own child, Daenerys becomes the mother to her two dragons (and eventually 8,000 slaves – but we’ll get to that later). It’s fitting then, that the dresses she wears in Qarth, are blue – a colour synonymous with motherhood. However, even though she’s technically off the battlefield, she’s still in the thick of it, and her clothes remind us of that: the gold in her gown could arguably be likened to armour, which proves even more that she’s all business. (Also, yes, she’s in a merchant city – so obviously gold comes into play this way, too.)

Woman On A Mission

Despite how far she’d come both mentally, emotionally, and physically (this woman is travelling, and she’s serious about it), Daenerys continues to be underestimated by every man she crosses paths with. Before, by her own brother, and this season by Pyat Pree, who she ends up roasting to death with her dragons (when he admits to killing Xaro’s men and ransacking his house among other things). She then locks Xaro and Doreah in a vault to die before buying a ship with his possessions, thus officially living up to Nicki Minaj’s "Boss Ass B---h." Her callback to Dothraki-wear is a reminder of that – and more importantly, a reminder of what happens when she’s underestimated.

Season 3

The Blue (Wo)Man Group

What’s most prominent in Season 3 is Daenerys’ flair for blue. At the top of the season, we see her en route with her dragons to visit Astapor, wearing a streamlined, easy-to-wear (for the "Game of Thrones" universe) blue piece, signaling her commitment to motherhood (of the dragons), and later the Unsullied, whom she takes under her wing.

In fact, she only strays from the colour once.

Moving On Up

The Mother of Dragons attempts to build an army while wearing a soft, white dress – similar to but a little more streamlined than her appearance in the series’ first episode. Only in this case, its clean cut makes her look anything but complacent: like the dress tone, she’s calm and she’s got it together, despite having 8,000 lives on the line. (Which says a lot since only the most confident of us can wear white, let’s face it.)

Back To Blue

Daenerys has every right to be confident. After offering to sell one of her dragons for 8,000 of the Unsullied, she makes the exchange, only to command the slaves to kill their masters – and commanding her dragon to burn Kraznys alive. (Yes, it was wonderful). However, what’s also wonderful is her return to blue: the now-freed slaves choose to fight as Daenerys' army, making her both their queen and their mother, and for the first time, she gives them hope. For the millionth time, however, she makes us want to be her.

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