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Short Women Know These Things, And You Do Not

Either you are one, or you know one, but there's no avoiding it — short women are everywhere.

Defined for our purposes as women who are 5'2 and below (nice try, 5'3ers!), there is a specific set of life challenges and bonuses that come along when you are a vertically challenged woman.

Putting aside for the moment constantly having to come up with clever responses to "how's the weather down there?" and "I'm sorry, are you sitting or standing?", short women don't actually have it all bad. In fact, we're usually contending with a double-edged sword. For example, no one thinks you're dangerous — but no one gets intimidated by you either. And people always think you're cute ... but people always think you're cute.

Take a trip into the life of a short woman, and let us know — were there any gripes or bonuses we missed?

While everyone around you on an airplane scrunches up, you have leg room for days.
At some point you realize, going to general admission concerts is pointless.
There is no pair of shoes that doesn't look adorable on your feet.
What's that? You want to check my ID? Why yes, I do look very young for my age ...
Every pair of pants gets an automatic $14 addition for hemming.
And there's no avoiding it — on public transit during the summer, you are at perfect armpit height for most people.
There is no basement or attic apartment that won't be appropriate for your height.
The number one purchase you make for any new home is a stepstool. For every room.
Capris fit you as normal-sized pants. For better or for worse.
Every time you do laundry, you wonder whether your clothes shrunk.
You've climbed more countertops (and dairy refrigerators at supermarkets) than you care to admit.
Three words: perfect dance partner.
Children really relate to you.
You can save money by buying your clothes at kids' stores. With only a hint of shame.
People love to "mistake" your shoulder for an arm rest.
You don't mind volunteering for the middle seat in the car — as long as no one forces you to do it.
Having tall friends is basically just opening yourself up to ridicule. Why don't they ever get the teasing?
When you were growing up, you always thought you were special because you sat front and centre in every class photo. Your mom confirmed it too.
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