04/08/2014 18:50 EDT | Updated 06/08/2014 05:59 EDT

Nothing found after search resumes for missing scientist

No new evidence was uncovered Monday after RCMP resumed their search for Anina Hundsdoerfer, the Edmonton woman who disappeared on March 22.

After calling off the search last week, RCMP used search dogs to comb through a remote area near where Hundsdoerfer’s blue Toyota Echo was found three days after she went missing.

However, Edmonton Police Sgt. Neil Zurawell says police don't have much to show for their efforts.

“At this point in time they've completed the search,” he said.

“Unfortunately, there was no new evidence located in the area. So we're going to continue with our investigation here in Edmonton.”

Zurawell says there is still heavy snow in the area so police plan to return to the area after more of it melts away.

Hundsdoerfer, a scientist with the Alberta government, went into her office in downtown Edmonton on the Saturday afternoon she was last seen.

She left behind her phone and identification which her roommate Caroline Hendley says is unusual.

“That would be another reason why we're concerned,” she said. “For her to go somewhere without those very important pieces indicates that something's not right.”

Hundsdoerfer’s friends have put up billboards and posters looking for the 32-year-old.

But Hendley admits the chances of finding Hundsdoerfer alive get more remote each day.

“As each day goes by, it's more difficult,” she said. “You always hope today will be the day.”

Police say there is no indication that Hundsdoerfer met with foul play but say they are keeping an open mind as they continue their investigation.