04/08/2014 12:42 EDT

The Great White Ford: Jimmy Kimmel Continues His Rob Ford Obsession (VIDEO)

It's something Canadians -- not just Torontonians -- are used to seeing by now: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in his element.

That is, we see him running, pink-faced, sweating, irritated yet jovial, navigating through crowds (called "#RobFording"), and otherwise all over the place. Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has seized on this, and in his latest jab at Ford, refers to a fictional TV show called "The Great White Ford," which allegedly airs on Discovery Canada (it does not).

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" the video features Ford in the various clips we've come to know -- his football catch fail, his bowling over of fellow councillor Pam McConnell, and all the others -- and couches them in narration fit for a nature documentary.

So when Ford is arm-wrestling Hulk Hogan, he's "savage," and when he's incoherently yelling in a video, he's featuring "erratic, aggressive behaviour."

(Watch video, above.)

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