04/08/2014 18:48 EDT | Updated 06/08/2014 05:59 EDT

Sasha Menu Courey's parents talk to kids about depression

The parents of a young woman who killed herself after spiralling into a depression are trying to prevent other kids from the same fate.

Lynn Courey and Mike Menu have been touring high schools around Toronto, encouraging students to offer their friends support when they need it.

Their daughter, Sasha Menu Courey, killed herself while she was away at the University of Missouri. She left for school on a swimming scholarship in 2010, and excelled at first. But in her second year Menu Courey struggled with depression, a back injury and a difficult breakup with her boyfriend. 

After their daughter killed herself in June 2011, Menu and Courey found out she claimed she had been raped more than a year prior. Menu Courey’s death raised questions about whether school officials did enough to help her. 

"She was knocking at doors for help and she wasn't getting the proper help," Courey told CBC News. 

Courey talks to teens about how to support their friends when they need help. She and Menu hope things will be different for other kids facing hard times. 

"Only one out of five seek help," she said. "And it’s sad because, when they seek help, four out of five of them will be able to go back to their normal routine."

The University of Missouri is expected to announce the results of an independent inquiry into Menu Courey's death this Friday.