04/09/2014 07:53 EDT | Updated 04/10/2014 10:59 EDT

Halifax Weather Blows Westjet Plane Off Its Gate (VIDEO)

Halifax weather doesn't just bring hurricane-force pressure and cravings for "stormchips."

Sometimes, it's strong enough to blow a WestJet 737 plane off its gate at the airport.

An 11-minute video posted to YouTube on April 3 shows the plane slowly drifting away from an airport gate as it prepared to fly to Toronto amid a snowstorm that closed the facility for four hours, said a description.

A ground staffer can be seen trying to push the plane as it moves to the left. He remains with the plane until he receives some assistance.

WestJet confirmed the incident in a comment on the video:

"This is truly a rare occurrence and even more rare to catch it on video. You really were at the right place at the right time! We are very happy with how our ground crew and TechOps AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) handled this situation. Our AME (in the blue vest) was at the aircraft within 10 seconds and our ramp crews (yellow/orange vests) had all ground service equipment away from the aircraft within 40 seconds, which prevented any damage to the aircraft and kept our crews and guests safe while they secured the aircraft with a tug and tow bar. This video is a great reminder of the power of Mother Nature!"

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