04/09/2014 08:18 EDT | Updated 06/09/2014 05:59 EDT

Off-road ambulances showcased ahead of Fort McMurray trade show

A new potentially life-saving tool is being marketed to Alberta's oil patch.

The off-road ambulance is a smaller version of the real deal and is being billed as an emergency vehicle that can reach places others can't.

"It is a mini-ambulance and the biggest question I get asked is, 'Where would you use it?' — where wouldn't you use it?" said Wade Mahowich, adding the 4x4 capability allows the driver to go places the larger models can't.

Mahowich, the main dealer and distributor in northern Alberta, is marketing the $75,000 machines to rural areas and oil sites. He'll be at a trade show this weekend in Fort McMurray.

"I cannot leave a gas station for about 45 minutes because everyone is there asking about it, taking pictures," he said.

Calgary EMS spokesman Stuart Brideaux says he has seen models like this in the past and believes they can be effective. 

Travels up to 80 km/h

"I think they do have an application in quite specific situations," said Brideaux.

"This would often be in remote areas, industrial sites in areas that are further flung, in situations where getting larger resources could be problematic."

At top speed the off road ambulance can go 80 kilometres an hour.

"You can actually fly it into a remote location, drop it off, and drive to an injured person and then drive back to the heli-portable location."

It's only been used in Alberta once on loan, last summer at the Big Valley Jamboree, says Mahowich.

"All the people running it were pretty happy with it. It got in and out of the those crowds and campgrounds. And they didn't get stuck."