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Pregnant Calgary Woman Upset After Not Being Offered Transit Seat

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A pregnant Calgary woman is voicing her frustrations after fellow commuters failed to offer her a seat before she fainted inside a busy train car.

Mandy Flynn, who is eight months pregnant, said she was ignored during a recent rush-hour commute on the C-Train when she desperately needed a place to sit.

“I went to go ask a girl to move out of her seat for me and just never made it" before fainting in the packed LRT car, she told Metro Calgary.

Flynn said she required medical attention and that her ordeal caused a major disruption in service — one that could have been avoided if people practiced better manners, she told CBC News.

“I’ve seen people get on with crutches and nobody moves," she said.

“It just makes me question people’s priorities. In the morning time we’re all commuting, we’re all tired, and yet, you know, my parents raised me to believe that, you know, there’s always someone that’s more in need than you are."

Flynn told the CBC she is rarely offered a seat on transit, and that she's afraid people have lost all manners.

Online commenters were split on Flynn's complaints, however, with many arguing that if person requires a seat they should speak up.

"When I was pregnant I was vocal, I would go to the priority seating and say 'Hi, I need to sit down can one of you please move?' Only once did I have to repeat myself and when the three men actually realized I was pregnant all three of them shot to their feet," wrote GoddessofMadness on a Reddit thread dedicated to the topic.

"I don't see what the big deal is about asking if you can have the seat if you need one," agreed platypus_bear.

Others, however, said Flynn is right and that Calgary commuters need to brush up on their etiquette.

"I am 9 months pregnant and take the bus to work every day. Out of the 10 bus rides, maybe once or twice someone would get up voluntarily. Most people choose to ignore me. As soon as they see me and my huge belly, they bury their nose in a book or stare at their phone," Metro Calgary commenter Kim weighed in.

What the majority of online commenters did agree on, however, is that commuters are often lost in a book or smartphone, instead of paying attention to surrounding passengers.

What do you think? Are people losing their manners? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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