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Boy Hit With Ruler, Spoon Daily For Years In 'Misguided' Attempt At Discipline

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PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - A British Columbia man who was once described by a judge as "evil incarnate" and is already serving a lengthy prison term for sexually assaulting his stepdaughters has been sentenced for strapping his stepson nearly every day for six years.

The man, whose name cannot be published, pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon for hitting his stepson with a ruler and a wooden spoon starting when he was seven and lasting until he was 13.


The stepfather was sentenced in January to 16 years for sexually assaulting the boy's two older sisters, after he forced them to have sex with him, made sexually explicit photos and videos, and forced one of the girls to engage in sexual activity with the family dog.

In the case involving the boy, a transcript of his sentencing hearing, which was posted to the B.C. Supreme Court website Thursday, says the man physically assaulted the boy over a period of time after the year 2000 near Prince George.

The stepfather, who is now 56, had married the children's mother and was living with the family.

"(The stepfather), in what can best be described as a very misguided attempt at discipline, severely strapped (the boy) on the buttocks on an almost daily basis," Judge Kathleen Ker told a sentencing hearing in Prince George last month, according to the transcript.

At first, the stepfather hit the boy over the child's clothing, the judgment says. When the boy turned 12, the man strapped his bare bottom.

Each session involved at least 20 straps, the judgment says, increasing as the boy grew older. Occasionally, he would hit the boy as many as 90 times in one session, the judgment says.

At the time, the children's mother was out of the country, making the stepfather their primary caregiver.

Following the man's guilty plea, the Crown and defence submitted a joint proposal for a one-year sentence, to be served at the same time as his sexual assault sentence.

The sexual assault conviction was entered last year, after the man stood trial in Prince George. He was sentenced in January of this year.

In that case, the court heard the man repeatedly sexually assaulted two stepdaughters, again after 2000, from when the girls were 11 to 12 until they were both over the age of 16.

A court ruling issued last year said the man repeatedly fondled the girls and forced them to have sex. He read them sexually explicit stories and showed them pornography, and eventually took photos and video of them.

The man forced the eldest girl to engage in sexual activity with the family dog, the earlier ruling said.

The stepfather's biological son also pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the oldest of the two girls.

Like the physical assault on the boy, last year's ruling notes the stepfather was able to repeatedly assault the girls, in part, because their mother was often away. The man timed the sexual assaults around the mother's schedule, the ruling said.

The ruling also said the stepfather used religion to control the household.

When the man was sentenced earlier this year, Judge Selwyn Romilly had harsh words for him.

"I have been a judge for almost 40 years. This offender is one of the most evil men that I have encountered during my long tenure on the bench," said Romilly.

"The man is evil incarnate. He is a monster. It is said that the devil can cite scripture for his own use. That is certainly the case here."

Romilly ordered the stepfather to be registered as a sex offender.

Sentencing decisions in both cases required the man to submit a DNA sample and prohibited him from owning firearm for 10 years.

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