04/10/2014 11:54 EDT | Updated 04/10/2014 11:59 EDT

78-Year-Old Grandma's First Roller-Coaster Ride Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

Travellers who've visited a theme park will know that sometimes you can be too young or too old to go on certain rides.

Guess this grandma didn't get the message.

The video comes courtesy of Vodafone, a European telecom company, which launched a campaign to let people experience things for the first time. Case in point: Ria Van den Brand, a 78-year-old Dutch grandma, and her first ever roller-coaster ride, according to Global News.

Van den Brand is accompanied by her granddaughter, Daisy, off camera, as they ride Formule X at Drievliet amusement park in The Hague, Netherlands, the Daily Dot reports.

The experience is over just as soon as it starts but Van den Brand's infectious laugh will have you playing the video over and over again.

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