04/11/2014 02:51 EDT | Updated 04/11/2014 03:59 EDT

Drake In Disguise Asks People About Drake For Jimmy Kimmel's I Witness News

He has his share of detractors but Drake had some fun at his own expense last night during a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, namely disguising himself and asking people what they thought of the Canadian rapper.

As shown in this YouTube clip above, Kimmel introduces Drake before mentioning how the artist is hosting the upcoming ESPYs. After a bit of small talk, Kimmel said how some people chew out celebrities on social media behind the anonymity of a keyboard but act differently when face to face with them.

So Drake disguised himself as a television reporter as part of "I Witness News: Fake Drake" with glasses, a fake wig and a beard and interviewed people on the street, a variation on Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" in which he asks people about events that haven't happened yet to see if they lie about them.

Drake first asks a young man what he thought of Drake hosting the ESPYs which are on July 16.

"I think he definitely killed it," the man says. "He did an awesome performance, definitely a great guy." When asked about whether he liked Drake's impersonation of Taylor Swift or his tearful moment a the end, the man said it was Drake crying. "It showed he's a genuine guy, you know?"

However, when Drake asked a second person how he felt about Drake's refusal to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the awards show, the white male didn't like it. "I think it's baloney, everybody should be treated equally," he says. "Hopefully it will impact his career too, in a negative way." When asked if Drake crying near the show's conclusion was manly, the same man said the following: "Definitely not manly, I'd say he's a chicken-head."

"He says that he came from the bottom which most likely he didn't," a second interviewee says which Drake (as reporter) agrees with. "Very true," Drake says. "But he's a good guy," the young man says.

Other questions included reactions to Drake urinating in a Baby Gap after getting drunk ("Childish," another man said) and a viral video of him singing "As Long As My Bitches Love Me" at Malia Obama's birthday party ("Sad," an older woman says, adding she doesn't like Drake). "No," said another woman when asked if she was eager to see his sex tape that he would unveil during a performance at Coachella this weekend. "They all do that kind of thing."

Perhaps the funniest moments came when a busker was asked his thoughts about the artist. "I don't like Drake, I think he's an actor and not a real rapper," the man said. When Drake asked for an impromptu "diss song," the busker asked Drake to hold his drink before strumming. "Drake hey I think you suck, maybe you should try and actually play an instrument, bro," he sang in a Dylan-esque way which Drake loved.

When Drake finally admitted who he was it clearly didn't register with those he was interviewing. "I'm Drake so what would I say to myself," he asked the same man posed the Baby Gap question. "What would you say to yourself? I'm an idiot, I'm a total idiot," the man said. "I'm a total idiot to be standing out here on this street in this beard and this wig when I know good and well that I'm Drake and I could be at home with multiple women bathing in champagne but instead I'm interviewing you with Ray-Bans on," Drake replied. "Still don't get it, huh?"

The interviews close with Drake asking the first man if he was a Drake fan and asked him to give him some lines from "Trophies." The man delivers a line before Drake removes the wig and beard. "Oh my god!" the guy says before seconds later giving Drake a high-five. "Yes, that just happened," Drake says.

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