04/11/2014 01:15 EDT | Updated 04/11/2014 01:59 EDT

Dx3: Getting Your Mobile Strategy Right is Crucial (VIDEO)

As founder of, Rob Woodbridge is dedicated to helping businesses get their mobile strategy working for them. Speaking at the AOL Conversation Studio at Dx3 in March, Woodbridge said the time when a company could neglect its mobile strategy is long gone. It's either a part of your business or is your business. Too often, he says, companies succumb to poorly structured mobile solutions or "crappy mobile development."

"The amount of effort to create a mobile experience is Herculean, because there are so many moving pieces, so many factors that are involved that we never had to deal with before in business," said Woodbridge. "But if you craft the effective mobile strategy, if you craft it very well, it can have such a huge impact in your business."

Watch the full interview above.