04/11/2014 04:34 EDT | Updated 06/11/2014 05:59 EDT

P.E.I. agriculture minister repays $40 for hotel movie he says he did not watch

CHARLOTTETOWN - The agriculture minister of Prince Edward Island has repaid the province $40 for the cost of a hotel movie that his department says he did not watch.

The Opposition Tories raised the expense Thursday in the legislature, saying the charge incurred in 2011 by George Webster, who also serves as deputy premier, was inappropriate.

Progressive Conservative member Colin LaVie says the charge is an example of why the province's finances are in bleak condition and called on Premier Robert Ghiz to fire Webster.

Webster was staying at a resort in Texas while attending an agricultural conference when the charge went on his government credit card.

A spokeswoman for Webster's department says in an email that he did not watch the movie, but since the department can't retrieve any records, he decided to pay for the expense.