04/11/2014 03:40 EDT | Updated 04/14/2014 08:59 EDT

Rick Mercer Ice Cream Looks Delicious, Helps Out Kids

Rick Mercer is a man known for many things — political satire, a kind heart, and "Talking To Americans." Now he has a new title to his name, and we imagine he couldn't be prouder: ice cream flavour.

RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream was released last month as a limited offering from the TV show host and Chapman's. Proceeds from sales of the ice cream will go to Plan Canada's Spread the Net, a charity dedicated to helping keep children and pregnant women from getting malaria by buying them mosquito nets.

The flavour launched after Mercer shot a segment for his show at the Chapman ice cream factory, suggesting flavours like "Stephen Harper Vanilla," "Rona Ambrosia Sorbet" and "Royal Canadian Mounted Jelly Bits Ice Cream" to the company's president, Penny Chapman. While those didn't quite roll with the Oatmeal Cookie and Chocolate or Tiger Paw Sorbet currently on offer, Mercer's supposedly favourite dessert, blueberry pie, made the cut.

Mercer has previously appeared in ads for menswear store Harry Rosen, with fees for the campaign going to Casey House, a hospice for people living with AIDS, as well as being a spokesperson for It Gets Better Canada, videos aimed at LGBT youth to help deal with bullying.

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