04/11/2014 04:25 EDT | Updated 04/11/2014 04:59 EDT

Steve Nash Spends $4.8 Million On 'Ugly' Retirement Home

Canadian NBA player Steve Nash has dropped $4.8 million in cash on a California home — that will be reportedly torn down because it's so dated.

According to TMZ, the 4,175 sq.-ft. house is "super ugly and outdated," so Nash is going to knock it down to build his dream home.

Nash's new hood, Manhattan Beach, is the second most expensive area in Los Angeles County, ranking higher than the Beverly Hills 90210 section, according to a U.S. survey of mean household income.

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Steve Nash's 'Ugly' Retirement Home

Nash, who grew up in Victoria, is clearly planning for life after his professional basketball career ends, though it's unclear when that might be for the L.A. Laker who has been plagued by injury and chronic pain of late.

A blunt Nash said he's not retiring yet because he wants the $9.7 million owed on his contract.

“I'm sorry if that is frustrating to some, but if they were in my shoes they'd do exactly the same thing. I wouldn't believe for a minute that they wouldn't," he said in a special Grantland video series.

Nash was a superstar for the Phoenix Suns and a two-time MVP. Over 18 years in the NBA, Nash has earned $137 million, said the NY Daily News.

The player was born in South Africa and grew up on Vancouver Island. He's a part owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer club and a chain of fitness clubs in the Vancouver area that bear his name.

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