Royal Tour 2014: Will And Kate Get Seriously Outdoorsy

If there's one place in the world that could get the Royals out of their comfort zone, it's New Zealand.. The island nation, known for its love of extreme sports, has taken it easy on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge thus far, but even so, it's still seen the pair go white-water rafting, yachting, attempting to enter a biplane and coaching rugby.

In Dunedin on Sunday, the prince and his wife went head-to-head coaching junior rugby teams, with William eventually triumphant over Kate, reports the BBC. This win came only a few days after Kate beat William — twice — in a yacht race.

Though we rarely get to see Kate doing much other than look gorgeous and watch (and occasionally, play basketball), the Duchess has quite the sporty past, having been a star at field hockey and cross-country running in school, according to People magazine.

Either way, it's charming to see the couple showing their athletic prowess in New Zealand, a trend that should continue with planned events for the next part of the tour including cricket, surfing and skateboarding.

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