04/14/2014 02:57 EDT | Updated 04/15/2014 07:59 EDT

Free WiFi At Vancouver Parks, Beaches Suggested By Commissioner

What if you could sit at Kits Beach or Nelson Park and surf the Internet on your laptop or tablet?

A Vancouver Park Board Commissioner is hoping to make that a reality.

UPDATE, April 15: The park board has approved the motion, according to a meeting document.

Trevor Loke, who became Vancouver’s youngest-ever elected official in 2011, is introducing a motion at Monday's park board meeting that would see free WiFi at some of the city's most popular public spaces.

“I think people should feel free to have meetings in parks and community centres and beaches and have access to the Internet," Loke, a member of Vision Vancouver, told the Georgia Straight. "I think that there’s no reason business has to happen just in office buildings."

If his idea is endorsed, next steps will be to ask staff to come up with a timeline and budget, Loke told The Globe And Mail. He says he's confident about getting board support because WiFi in public spaces is part of the city's larger digital strategy that was endorsed last year.

The initiative has already been successful in other cities such as Quebec City, Denver, and Auckland, Loke told The Vancouver Sun. Chicago also introduced WiFi at five beaches last year.

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