04/14/2014 10:53 EDT | Updated 04/14/2014 10:59 EDT

Jimmy Kimmel Appears On 'Ford Nation' YouTube Show

Jimmy Kimmel, who has repeatedly used the adventures and misadventures of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for comedic material, recently appeared on the Ford brothers' YouTube show for his own roasting.

In a clip uploaded Sunday, the talk show host, who mercilessly ridiculed Toronto's mayor when he appeared on his live show in March, appeared via Skype.

Doug Ford had earlier told the National Post that Kimmel's appearance would have nothing to do with Rob Ford's mayoral campaign. Yet, the mayor couldn't help but reference politics, joking that the success of Kimmel's show was contingent on his re-election.

The Fords are looking to turn Ford Nation into a live show with a studio audience, Doug Ford told The Toronto Sun last month.

Watch the whole clip below.

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