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Seth Rogen's Movies Are Sprinkled With Vancouver References

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CULVER CITY, CA - AUGUST 25: Roast Master Seth Rogen speaks onstage during The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco at Culver Studios on August 25, 2013 in Culver City, California. The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco will air on September 2 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

Happy birthday to Vancouver-born actor and comedian Seth Rogen, who turns 32 today.

To celebrate, we took a look back through his movies to pick out the inside jokes and Vancouver references scattered throughout his work.

Rogen and writing partner/longtime friend Evan Goldberg attended Point Grey Secondary School together in Vancouver. It was the inspiration for their first movie, "Superbad." But that's only the beginning.

Impress your friends with this Seth Rogen movie trivia! (Warning: Most clips contain explicit language.)

  • The story of 'Superbad'
    The story of 'Superbad'
    It all started at a Vancouver classmate's bat mitzvah (a coming-of-age ceremony for Jewish kids): "We were at Julia Morinis’ bat mitzvah where we tried to dance with some girls and they wouldn't,” Goldberg told the Jewish Journal. “So when me, Seth and our friend Sammy Fogell realized we weren't going to get kissed that night, we went off and tried to steal some beers and ended up solidifying our friendship."
  • Mr. Rogen
    Mr. Rogen
    Rogen's dad Mark makes a cameo in the "Superbad" scene where Seth and Fogell are running from the police and encounter a man with a baseball bat.
  • The story of 'This Is The End'
    The story of 'This Is The End'
    Goldberg and Rogen wrote the popular apocalypse comedy partly because they think it's hilarious how Christians believe Jewish people are going to hell: "One day, I went to a Vancouver Christian boys’ college and they had, like, massive crucifixes, and it scared the living s--- out of me. I also read this book where a woman described having nightmares about her Jewish friends having their skin flayed off in hell, because that’s what they tell you is going to happen to us."
  • Camp Miriam
    Camp Miriam
    In "Funny People," Rogen's character makes reference to a Jewish summer program called Camp Miriam. That's the Gabriola Island camp where he's said to have first started performing comedy.
  • Fogell
    This "Superbad" character is based on Rogen and Goldberg's Point Grey high school friend, Sammy Fogell. What's funny is that while they wrote their two characters based on them at age 18, they wrote Fogell based on what he was like when he was 13. "We cast someone who was physically smaller than the other guys," Rogen told "Because in our heads he was actually five years younger than the other guys."

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