04/16/2014 03:52 EDT | Updated 04/16/2014 03:59 EDT

This Is What Happens When A Plane Flies Through A Swarm Of Bees (VIDEO)

Passengers aboard a Minnesota-bound flight found themselves a little behind schedule after their plane flew into a swarm of bees.

Allegiant Flight 448 left Las Vegas on Monday afternoon but was forced to swing back after the insects blocked the windshield and were sucked into the plane's turbine engines, according to the Associated Press.

Passengers told ABC affiliate WDIO they didn't feel anything once the plane struck the swarm, but smell of the carcasses made the flight unpleasant.

"Right as the plane lifted it just stunk, like the plane was on fire. It smelled like the whole cabin was on fire," said passenger Misty Newman.

Pilots initially thought they had struck a bird but only learned about the real culprit after safely landing back in Vegas to the sight of emergency vehicles on the tarmac.

"It was a little scary coming back into Vegas, you don't know what kind of damage was done," said Sandy Dinehart, a fellow passenger.

The 160 passengers were later transported to a new plane and later arrived in Duluth, Minnesota an hour and 40 minutes later than originally expected, according to Duluth News Tribune.

This isn't the first time bees have created a buzz after interfering with aircrafts. In 2012, Delta Air Lines had to call in a bee keeper after a swarm gathered on a plane's wing, preventing it from taking off at Pittsburgh International Airport.

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