04/16/2014 10:31 EDT

Beer Store Commercial About Booze In Corner Stores Convinces Nobody

A new Beer Store commercial imagines a future in which alcohol in convenience stores will corrupt our children. But not many people are buying it.

Perhaps that's because in provinces where one store doesn't have a virtual monopoly on beer sales things haven't exactly fallen apart.

Alberta got rid of its alcohol control board entirely and yet the youth there have not become a mob of drunken degenerates. You can buy booze at the corner store in Quebec and everyone I've ever talked to thinks that's pretty great.

The Beer Store is not owned by Ontario's government. It is a private and foreign-owned chain. The argument that only it can protect Ontario's teens from the scourge of alcohol is, well, pretty tenuous.

But as the Ontario Convenience Stores Association lobbies the province to allow sales of wine and beer, something the Progressive Conservative Party already supports, the Beer Store is spending big money to lobby against any change to the ridiculously profitable status quo.

But so far the campaign is backfiring. The new ad was widely mocked on Twitter.

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