04/17/2014 11:10 EDT

Tampa Singer's Canada National Anthem Is A Spicy Meatball (VIDEO)

We may have to pardon his French.

After all, it's not easy waxing operatic in front of thousands of people who showed up at the Tampa Bay Times Forum to watch grown men chase a tiny piece of rubber around in circles -- while swearing and smashing into each other as hard as they can.

No doubt Max DeFrancesco is blessed with a peerless set of vocal chords.

It's just that his performance seemed a tad off. To be honest, his French -- while serviceable -- had an inexplicably Italianesque infusion.

The organ, at least rang true in delivering our national chestnut "O Canada". But whoah, Canada, is that really you?

Honestly, the crowd didn't seem to notice. But it must have been a little awkward for visiting Habs, accustomed to hearing the French version sans frills at their home arena.

For their part, they still managed to triumph over the Lightning 5 to 4.

Don't laugh, America, it could happen to you.

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