04/18/2014 12:34 EDT | Updated 06/18/2014 05:59 EDT

Volunteers prep for high water, sandbag Winnipeg Rowing Club

Volunteers were sandbagging at the Winnipeg Rowing Club Good Friday, as the property on the Red River prepares for a possible spring flood.

It's an annual ritual at the club, because it sits on a low section of the river and is prone to flooding, which did get water in 2009.

A couple dozen people cleared the ground up to the foundation Friday.

CBC's Katie Nicholson reported the volunteers didn't expect the job to take more than a couple of hours, because after all these years, the club has it down to a science.

Steven Taylor is a coach with the Rowing Club.​

"It's a bit of a routine now, people do get pretty used to it — especially some of our older members who've been doing it for quite a few years,” said Taylor. 

The Red River is expected to crest in Emerson Saturday or Sunday, in Winnipeg sometime between Monday and Thursday with much lower flows than years previous.

A complicating factor this year is ice. In some places it is still a metre thick.

To tackle that potential problem the province's Amphibexes are ready to be deployed at key points along the river in case ice jams form and force the river to spill its banks