04/20/2014 09:14 EDT | Updated 04/20/2014 09:59 EDT

Travel Necessities: What Goods Can't Globetrotters Leave Home Without?

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(Relaxnews) - A new survey that looks at the travel habits of 50,000 people around the world has revealed that Western and Asian globetrotters have different priorities when it comes to travel necessities.

When asked to identify the one item they couldn’t travel without in an survey, 45 percent of Asian respondents said their cellphone was their top priority.

Japanese travellers were the exception to the general rule and were the only group in Asia to choose credit cards (38 percent) over their phones (28 percent).

Western respondents in the Americas and Europe, however, agreed that when it comes to travel necessities, the credit card was the one item they couldn’t leave behind.

While overall, nearly half (47 percent) of respondents in Europe cited their credit card as their single travel necessity versus 19 per cent for their mobile phones, a notable disparity is observed in France: 58 percent picked their credit card, versus just nine percent who picked their phone.

Where travellers around the world are agreed is on the least important travel necessity: toiletries.

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Here are the survey results:

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