04/21/2014 01:44 EDT | Updated 04/21/2014 01:59 EDT

Donkey Acts As Ringleader For Wandering Horses In Calgary

Nature et animaux sont mes sujets d'inspiration... via Getty Images

A troublemaking donkey was the ringleader of a rogue evening stroll that turned many heads in Calgary this weekend.

Several horses were spotted trotting down 37 Street near 146 Avenue S.W., early Saturday evening, being led by a donkey.

“The donkey was the group leader,” duty inspector Nancy Farmer told the Calgary Herald.

“It looks like they know where the heck they want to go,” she said, as she watched video footage from the helicopter that was transmitted live to the police control room.

The spectacle certainly caused a commotion, as several people on the scene tried to keep the animals off the road, eventually pushing them into a nearby field.

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