04/21/2014 09:18 EDT | Updated 06/21/2014 05:59 EDT

Ice jams still causing flood threat in N.B.

Officials are closely monitoring ice jams along several of New Brunswick's river systems as some communities continue to brace for possible flooding.

Although water levels in some areas of New Brunswick started to decline Sunday, River Watch spokesperson Paul Bradley says the situation is constantly changing and residents are advised to stay on alert.        

“That's of course one of the reasons why we certainly can't take our eyes off anything,” said Bradley.

Bradley suspects water levels will stay high for awhile yet.

“We’ve lost a lot of ice in system, but there are still ice jams up north. There’s ice jams still on the Saint John River. Those can always cause problems. The Nashwaak’s been below flood stage for awhile now, but there’s still a couple of jams there and if those jams move, the water can come up in hurry," said Bradley.

"So it’s hard to say the worst is over. We’ve still got a long ways to go with a lot of melt and ice movement still to come."

Officials are monitoring an ice jam below Woodstock in the Meductic area, he says.

Voluntary evacuation still in effect

Rain in the forecast over the coming days poses a concern province-wide, says Bradley.

“We’ve been fortunate, so far we haven't had rain with all this water. If you look at any watershed right now you’ll notice it's high, so if we get a lot of rain that can certainly change things," he said. 

"Also there's still a lot of snow pack out there, so still a lot of melt to go, still some ice in the system.”

Meanwhile, the village of Perth Andover in western New Brunswick spent a nervous weekend, as a 35-kilometre long ice flow approached from up river.

It broke up just in time, Sunday, but not before rattling nerves.

A voluntary evacuation order issued Wednesday affecting 49 homes will remain in effect until Perth-Andover officials have a clearer picture of the situation later Monday.

Some homes in the community of Notre-Dame in eastern New Brunswick have also been evacuated.