04/21/2014 12:34 EDT | Updated 06/21/2014 01:59 EDT

Residents forced out of Winnipeg nursing home could be gone awhile

WINNIPEG - Almost 90 seniors forced out of a Winnipeg nursing home by a flooded basement may not be able to return any time soon.

The residents were moved out of Golden Links Lodge on Sunday and have been put up in common areas of nearby facilities.

Lori Lamont with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says officials haven’t been able to assess the damage or determine what happened.

She says the authority is looking for places to house the seniors for the longer term while the lodge is repaired.

Lamont says current arrangements won’t be adequate past another three or four days.

It's hoped that all the displaced seniors can be sent to one place, but some may end up having to stay in hospitals.

“We are looking at a couple of alternatives," Lamont said. "It would be our first choice to find a location where all the residents could be housed together, where we could have staff familiar with the residents provide their care.”

She admitted there aren't very many open beds at care homes in Winnipeg.

A timeline for returning to the nursing home won't be available until cleanup can be completed.

"We are continuing our efforts to pump out the water in the basement,” said Lamont. “Until that water is removed, we are not able to assess the level of damage to the mechanical system.

“We know it was coming in from outside and once the water main was shut off to the building, the water stopped coming in, so we think it has something to do with water pipes.”