04/21/2014 01:07 EDT | Updated 04/21/2014 01:59 EDT

Rob Ford Is A Guiding Beacon At Coachella (PHOTOS)

Greg Feingold/Twitter

You're at a massive music festival with your friends, and each of you wants to see different artists and bands perform.

You're bound to lose each other, and need some effective method of tracking down your pals in the sea of humanity.

Sure, you could use some bizarre bird call or a colourful pole, but why not a glorious photo of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

Greg Feingold did just that with his friends when they hit up the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival last week. They used the cutout of Ford — featuring what is arguably one of the greatest photos of him of all time — to find each other in the crowd.

"Rob Ford has a pretty great face and I think [it] really represents the Coachella spirit," Feingold told The Huffington Post Canada in an email.

Feingold, a student at the University of Southern California, said "hundreds" of people came up to offer praise while mistaking him for a Torontonian.

"It was pretty ridiculous, we couldn't walk ten steps without people shouting 'ROB FORD!' or asking for photos," he said. "Most people were pretty big fans of him — one frat bro specifically stopped us to proclaim his love for 'his idol.'"

"Rob Ford got a lot of hugs."

Some performers got a glimpse of the cutout. The singer for Electronic band Chvrches had a nice laugh at the sign, Feingold said, and Lorde "looked very confused" when her eyes connected with the photo.

But not everyone at the festival was in awe at the cutout, according to Feingold.

"Most people from Toronto were not fans of him. One woman wearing a Canadian flag shirt told us 'You know, we have some really nice museums and sports teams in Toronto too. Not just our goofball mayor.'"

Feingold said he and his friends wanted to adorn the cutout with Pharrell's mountain hat, but gave up when "the sign just got too heavy. We couldn't handle all that awesomeness."

"We also tried to make his eyes have flashing red LEDs but ran out of time. And I'm planning on bringing Rob to Bonnaroo this summer so look for him then."

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